Tata Steel International Americas

Tata Steel International is a specialist supply chain management business unit for steel products and services

Tata Steel International is a specialist supply chain management business unit with annual sales of 7 million tons of steel. The business manages an international network of 70 offices in nearly 50 countries and stock facilities in strategic locations worldwide. The North American operations are headquartered in Schaumburg (Chicago), Illinois, with additional commercial offices in Texas, Minnesota, Connecticut and Louisiana.

Tata Steel International offers a wide range of products and services, blended with industry knowledge and expertise that is specific to North America. In addition to providing high quality technical and commercial services, it also provides value-added services such as logistical distribution, the management of JIT inventories and intermediary material processing. Specific markets include aerospace, agriculture, automotive, construction, consumer products, energy and power generation, HVAC, packaging, rail transportation, shipbuilding, and heavy and off-highway equipment.
The wide range of products offered generally fall into two categories: flat rolled products and long products. The flat rolled products category includes hot rolled steels, cold rolled steels, galvanized steels, electrical steels, and coated steels such as aluminized, tin-mill and pre-painted steels.

The long products category includes sbq and free-machining bar and wire rod, forging billets and blooms, rail, reversing mill plate, special (tailor made) profiles, stainless bar and billet, structural sections and piling products, and tube and pipe.