September 2017

Celebrating the champions of sustainability

Tata Sons announces the winners of the 2017 Tata North America Sustainability Awards

The philosophy of corporate sustainability is at the core of the Tata group’s ethos. For Tata group companies, environment and community are key factors for consideration when it comes to making our profits and how we use them.

In 2016, Tata established the Tata North America Sustainability Awards to acknowledge the contribution of employees who strive to live out the Tata values of giving back throughout their day-to-day lives. Now in its second year, the awards showcase the remarkable achievements of countless Tata employees across the region, embodying the environmental, social and ethical principles that have become synonymous with the Tata name.

The Sustainability Awards were initiated with four key objectives in mind:

In August, Tata Sons announced the winners of the 2017 Sustainability Awards. The following individuals and teams were recognized for their efforts to sustain the Tata tradition and to advance Tata’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

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Gabriel Alcaraz, Taj Hotels’ Taj Campton Place
Alcaraz was influential in reducing wastage of water, conserving energy usage, and significantly improving recycling initiatives at the San Francisco hotel by developing new guidelines for cleaning guest rooms and training the hotel staff in adhering to these procedures. This included implementing a bathroom amenities recycling program through which discarded soaps and hygiene products are collected and sent to the Clean the World Foundation.

Gonzalo Coca Garcia, Tata Communications
Garcia implemented a free cooling and heat-recovery system, which harnesses previously produced energy and recirculates it throughout the office to help boost efficiency, reduce energy consumption and lower costs.

Charles Cavett, Tata Steel International (Americas) Inc.
Cavett was recognized for his dedication and ongoing support to the Chicago office’s philanthropic initiatives and regular volunteering at fundraising events throughout the year. Additionally, he utilized his expertise as a logistics specialist to streamline truck load delivery processes, thereby helping reduce Tata Steel’s carbon footprint.

Mike Delisio, Tata Steel Plating
Delisio spearheaded the ‘Combustion Excellence’ program at Tata Steel’s Thomas Steel Strip in Warren, OH. He played a key role in designing and installing more energy-efficient furnaces that led to a longer burner life, better temperature control and a reduction in emissions and greenhouse gases.

Erich Eslich, Marco Cortes, Mike Henderson, Jim LaFond and Becky Dietrich, Tata Chemicals North America (Green River, WY)
This group assessed operational water consumption at the Green River plant and discovered a solution for reducing river water usage and reusing clean pond water.

Atul Kapoor, Muhammed P, Akhilesh C S, Ramya Sabanatesan, Judson Jebadoss and Mayur Pathak, Tata Consultancy Services (Dallas, TX)
This group established a relationship with a local non-profit organization called The Network with whom they engaged in more than 300 hours of volunteer service. The team helped mobilize more than 80 other TCS employees in support of The Network’s mission of aiding people in need throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metroplex.

Lynell Johnson, Elsie Wade, Shamia Hutchins, Greg Jackson, Heather Ryan, Gloria Striggles and Gwen Knight, Tata Global Beverages’ Eight O’Clock Coffee (Landover, MD)
This group was selected for their efforts to give support to the homeless by volunteering to distribute hygiene kits, winter clothing and packed lunches to the homeless population of Washington, D.C. They also supported Maryland's Health Care for the Homeless annual fundraising walk, which raises money to provide healthcare services for homeless individuals in the area.

Ross Snyder, Sarah Steele and Kyle Heythaler, Tata Technologies (Novi, MI)
This group was selected for the outstanding results of the Gleaners Community Food Bank Drive that they organized for collecting goods for the underprivileged and marginalized communities in the Detroit area.

The Tata group will continue to promote and celebrate the commitment of its companies and people to the cause of sustainability. Congratulations to all the winners of this year!