October 2017

Tata companies in America celebrate National Manufacturing Day

Tata companies in America celebrate the expertise and dedication of individuals at the heart of America’s manufacturing industry

As the United States celebrated National Manufacturing Day on October 6, 2017, Tata companies in North America recognized employees who contribute to the manufacturing processes.

Across the United States, the Tata group has manufacturing operations that include steel production in Ohio and Pennsylvania, coffee roasting and packaging in Maryland, and trona mining and soda ash production in Wyoming. International companies operating in the United States are known to generate 20% of all US manufacturing jobs. An analysis from Reuters highlighted that “out of 656,000 new manufacturing jobs created between 2010 and 2014, two-thirds were attributed to foreign direct investment.”

  • Miners at Tata Chemicals North America facility in Wyoming begin their shift
  • Employees of Tata Chemicals North America mine trona deep under the ground in Wyoming
  • The facility for refining trona into soda ash at Tata Chemicals North America in Wyoming
  • Tata Global Beverages employees at the Eight O'Clock Coffee production facility in Landover, Maryland
  • TCS industry experts support manufacturing clients

It is most likely that a person may be using an American-made Tata product almost daily without even realizing it. For instance, Tata Chemicals North America (TCNA) mines and processes trona ore into soda ash — a primary ingredient in glass — at its operations on the 'mile high' prairies in Green River, Wyoming, home to the world’s largest reserves of trona ore. TCNA’s soda ash can be found in glass bottles, car windshields and even the windows of homes and offices. Soda ash is also commonly found in household items such as cleaning detergents and baking soda.

It might also surprise you to know that Tata Global Beverages is an integrated beverage business that manufacturers a classic American brand, Eight O’Clock Coffee, which joined the Tata family in 2006. Today, its famous beans are roasted, ground, packaged and shipped from its operations in Landover, Maryland. Last year, the Eight O’Clock Coffee facility invested more than $4 million in upgrading its local operations, resulting in a cutting edge, state-of-the-art facility that is both safer for its employees and one that is able to handle more production. Tata Global Beverages is deeply connected to the Maryland community in which it operates and takes great pride in all the men and women of Eight O’Clock Coffee who work at the plant to keep their delicious products brewing.

Likewise, Tata Steel in Warren, Ohio, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, have been building on nearly 100 years of local expertise to become world-class leaders in the steel plating industry. As a pioneer of many new technologies in the industry, Tata Steel’s US operations produce cold-rolled and plated steel products that are used in diverse products such as consumer battery casings, automotive components and sporting ammunition. The next time you reach for some AA batteries for your favorite electronic device, remember there’s a good chance that you’re holding onto a piece of Tata Steel proudly made in the US.

Tata group’s technology companies in North America have also made significant contributions to the manufacturing sector over the past year.

As a leading global IT services and consulting organization, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) helps its clients to become more agile, intelligent and helps them to digitally transform their businesses. TCS is a frontrunner in manufacturing operations, partnering with many notable brands to monetize their products and operations. In fact, the company was recently named a prominent ‘technology partner’ as part of Frost and Sullivan’s 2017 Manufacturing Leadership 100 Awards and recognized for being a key player in developing manufacturing solutions.

Another example is Tata Technologies — a global leader in engineering services and product development IT services for the global manufacturing industry —providing clients with a competitive edge, enabling manufacturers to create better products across the automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery sectors. To fuel its tradition of continuous evolution, the company recently established an ‘innovation outpost’ in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a view to working with both startups and tech majors with a focus on electric vehicles.

Regardless of what sector any manufacturing company is in, efficient and innovative operations are key to its survival and success. Yet as technological advances continue to shape the manufacturing landscape, Tata companies believe that nothing is more important than recognizing the expertise and dedication of individuals at the heart of America’s manufacturing operations and their ability to improve the surrounding communities.