November 2016

'What I love most working with Tata is the diversity of associates'

Nicole Hall, operations project manager, Tata Global Beverages, shares her thoughts about working at Tata and why she enjoys her job.

What is your role at Tata Global Beverages?
I am the operations project manager for the CAA region at Tata Global Beverages. I work in the Landover manufacturing facility and I am responsible for all coffee projects as well as sourcing new coffee opportunities for our Landover facility. In addition, I am the communications lead for external corporate sustainability projects within the local community.

Could you tell us what is special about working for Tata Global Beverages?
I was not aware of Tata Global Beverages prior to joining the organization. I have been with the company for approximately two years, starting December 1, 2014. I was familiar with Eight O'Clock Coffee, as I am from the New Jersey region of the US. So, I learned of Tata Global Beverages by researching the new owners of Eight O'Clock Coffee.

What is special about working for Tata Global Beverages are the opportunities on a global scale. We have such a vast portfolio of companies that there is unlimited scope to learn, to travel to different regions and understand different cultures and business practices. TGB is special because we can expand upon opportunities for our coffee business. We work for a company that is in tune with the needs of its associates and how it impacts the local environment from a business and social standpoint.

There are many opportunities for women at Tata Global Beverages as well as the Tata group. I work with a strong platform of diverse leaders within my organization, most of whom are women working in different business sectors such as engineering, quality, HR and operations.

How would you sum up Tata in one word or in one line?
I would sum up Tata as opportunity. There is opportunity for us to grow and I think there is huge opportunity for us to change the world since we have such a big footprint as a global organization.

What do you love most about working with Tata?
What I love most working with Tata is the diversity of associates. At any given time, I can be on a conference call with associates from India, the UK, Canada, within the US and South East Asia. So I love the diversity of our company and how there is camaraderie across different cultures, ethnicities as well as gender.