August 09, 2016

Tata group assists Michigan residents to combat lead poisoning with nutritious food

Flint, Michigan: In April 2014, residents of Flint, Michigan were exposed to water with increased lead levels when the water supply was switched from Lake Huron to the Flint River without appropriate corrosion control measures. The crisis gained national attention when it was revealed that children who drank the water had blood lead levels that were significantly higher than when the water came from its prior source and significantly exceeded Federal standards.

Since then, Flint residents have struggled to replace their piped water with bottled water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. However, even those who have been able to make this change were still exposed to increased levels of lead, which can cause long-term health risks. Medical studies indicate that healthy foods can help to combat these effects.

Tata Technologies, which has its North American headquarters about 50 miles from Flint and some of its employees living in the community, decided to take action; on August 9, 2016, more than 35 of Tata Technologies’ employees, family members and friends hosted an all-day food drive for residents of Flint, in partnership with volunteers from United Way of Genesee County, Michigan. Tata volunteers gathered to sort, divide and distribute food to residents.

Over 1,000 local families lined up their vehicles throughout the day to receive foods that deter symptoms of lead consumption by reducing absorption including meat, tuna, tomatoes, corn, baked beans, potatoes, peppers, cereal, apples, snacks and bottled water. In addition, both Tata Technologies and United Way volunteers distributed pamphlets that included detailed information surrounding the benefits of healthy nutrition and how to limit lead exposure.

“The residents of Flint have suffered immensely due to the water crisis, and we wanted to support our Michigan neighbors and friends who live in Tata Technologies’ backyard with this food drive,” said Patrick Pepper, communications director at Tata Technologies. “A healthy, nutritious diet can help diminish symptoms of lead poisoning, and we hope that this is one way to help advance Flint’s road to recovery.”

For more coverage of Tata Technologies’ Food Drive for Flint residents, watch a two-minute newscast on the event here, which aired on ABC 12, or the NBC 25 News clip featuring the event here.