April 2017

Package ideal

Glimpses of the production lines of the Eight O'Clock Coffee manufacturing plant in Landover, where America's most popular coffee gets processed and packed

Landover in Maryland, USA, is home to the manufacturing plant of Eight O’Clock Coffee, which is part of the Tata Global Beverages family. Here is where America’s most popular coffee bean gets processed and packed. The Landover facility epitomises the quality and care that goes into the making and presenting of Eight O’Clock Coffee’s many-flavoured offerings. In this photo feature, we give you glimpses of the plant and its production lines, its people and their commitment to the mission of giving the consumer the very best in coffee.

  • The Eight O'Clock Coffee manufacturing facility in Landover has seen significant upgrades over the past 10 years
  • Eight O'Clock is the largest coffee brand in the TGBL portfolio
  • The Eight O'Clock Coffee team conducting sensory testing in the quality lab
  • Alert and Relax were the first of Eight O'Clock Coffee's infusions, and TGBL is getting ready to launch three more to round out the line. 100% Brazilian Breakfast is a new offering
  • The people who make Eight O’Clock Coffee’s mission to give the consumer the very best in coffee possible


This article was first published in the January - March 2017 issue of Tata Review. Read the ebook here