February 22, 2013

Tetley reinforces the benefits of green tea

Toronto: Tetley, Canada's best selling tea, has embarked on a public relations programme — ‘Better U’ — to reinforce the benefits of Tetley green tea, drive green tea penetration and usage as well as increase awareness of its new Green Tea + blends.

In addition, key media personalities (TV, radio, print and online) will receive a tea gift basket containing an assortment of Tetley green teas, teapot, tea cup, and recipes which are all attractively packaged on a beautiful tea tray. In-person interviews will be arranged with Tetley’s body spokesperson (registered dietician Sue Mah) who will further reinforce the benefits of Tetley green tea.

In a recent survey, Tetley found that over 81 percent of Canadians are more health conscious today than they were two years ago and 27 percent now consider themselves primarily tea drinkers. Sixty four percent of the Canadians surveyed drink green tea stating health as their number one reason for consumption.

But Tetley is not stopping at the cup. Of those surveyed, 64 percent of participants felt advice from a dietitian would be beneficial so tea lovers can visit Tetley's 'Better U' campaign on Facebook for access to expert mind, body and spirit coaches. Here, Canadians can ask for advice anonymously, participate in weekly challenges and read helpful blog posts to enrich their lives. With a more intense focus on health and wellness in Canada, Tetley's 'Better U' campaign is inspiring informative conversations. Canadians are more health conscious than ever before.