January 2015

From here to posterity

The Tata group has a long and storied history of doing business in North America, and the stage is set for further chapters to be added to a narrative of mutual benefit

'United States is a hotbed of digital progression'
'The United States is an important market for TCS because of its size — it delivers more than 50 percent of our global revenues — and our 40-year history in the region. TCS began working with American clients in 1974 and opened its first office in the country in 1979 (in New York)'

Surya Kant, president, North America, UK and Europe, Tata Consultancy Services

'North America is a critical marketplace for JLR. It is a strategic priority for JLR to be competitive in this market. From an industry standpoint, the United States is the second largest market in the world after China, and is especially influential in terms of global luxury consumer trends'

Joachim Eberhardt, president and CEO, North America, Jaguar Land Rover

'We are investing in the technologies of tomorrow'
'Tata Chemicals has invested nearly $50 million in its North America business in the 18 months I’ve been here. People see real value and commitment coming from the Tatas'

Martin Keighley, managing director, Tata Chemicals North America

'Tata Steel navigates subarctic challenges'
'This is perhaps Tata Steel’s single largest overseas greenfield investment. Tata Steel acquired Corus in 2007 and the strategy was — like in our Indian operations — to have backward integration in order to overcome issues of cyclicity and availability of good quality raw material for our European steel plants'

Rajesh Sharma, CEO and MD, Tata Steel

'We have to get to a billion dollars quickly'
'We just surpassed US$ 400 million now; we have to get to a billion dollars relatively quickly, in order to demonstrate that we are stable and here for the duration'

Warren Harris, CEO and MD, Tata Technologies

'Strategy 2.0 will make us a value-added service player'
'The Americas region accounts for 20 percent of our global business. The enterprise and wholesale voice businesses contribute about $250 million each in revenues, whereas carrier services add up to another $150 million'

Dave Ryan, executive president and Americas regional head, Tata Communications

'We are the keepers of heritage and legacy'
'Business in the United States is more than about being profitable and successful; it is about being relevant to the city we thrive and operate in'

Karambir Kang, area director, USA, and general manager, Taj Boston

'The team is excited about the opportunities ahead'
'In the US coffee category, EOC competes in the premium gourmet category … [and] is strong at No3 with a 10 percent overall national share … In the US tea category, Tetley has been primarily participating in the black tea segment and is the No3 brand in the market … In Canada, Tetley has broad national distribution from coast to coast and enjoys leadership across the country and across all core tea segments'

Stephen Rice, regional president, Canada, Americas and Australia, Tata Global Beverages

'We are unique among engineering service providers'
'North America is a key geography for the company, contributing over a third of the company’s revenues and bottom line. We provide product design and software development for multiple verticals, supported by five offices spanning the east and west coasts'

Sandesh Rai, country head, North America, Tata Elxsi

'Content creation is as important as packaging it'
'We expect a 10 percent growth during the next two years. This growth will also come from our strategy to penetrate existing accounts rather than opening many doors, which used to be our strategy earlier'

Kshitij Nerurkar, chief operating officer, Tata Interactive Systems

'We promote the group's business in North America'
'The goal of the office in Washington is to help position and provide context to the group’s business activities globally and in North America. To make sure that our stakeholders in government and policy circles understand the group and the brand. It’s really to project the brand for operating companies in the region. Also, to help our companies build and execute their plans for growth here'

James Shapiro, resident director, North America, Tata Sons